The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for providing fire and life safety inspections, public education trianing, and fire investigations to the unincorporated areas of San Juan County. The Division is made up of a Fire Marshal and two Captains. The Division provides services which include commercial construction plans review, fire protection, systems plans review and testing, and existing commercial, educational, and health facility inspections.

 The Fire Prevention Division prides itself in public education training and also participates in several events throughout the year.

 The Division also conducts fire origin and cause investigations within its boundaries. The investigation of fires has a direct correlation to fire prevention within our county in preventing fires in the future. Investigators are available 24 hours a day to respond to all fire and explosion incidents.

 Fire and life safety inspections occur on a daily basis and are the largest and most important fire prevention activity conducted by the San Juan County Fire Department. These inspections assure that buildings are safe from fire and other life safeties that could cause injury to the occupants or guests.

 The Fire Prevention Division utilizes national fire codes and a local ordinance to ensure the safety of San Juan County residents. The division inspects operational commercial, educational, and assembly structures and also requires all new construction except residential to have a fire inspection before a certificate of occupancy will be issued.

 The San Juan County Fire Department is committed to educating the public on fire and injury prevention. SJCFD has used several methods to get this life saving information out to the citizens of San Juan County.

San Juan County Fair

 The SJCFD has a booth set up every year at the San Juan County Fair. During the fair, firefighters and administrative staff educate everyone from young children to senior citizens about the importance of fire safety, smoke detectors, EDITH, and more. While working the booth, personnel also provide EMS support.

 One day at the fair is set aside as Public Service Day. This day is used by all facets of Public Service to include fire, law enforcement, fish and game, etc. Children and adults alike learn about fire safety, home protection, safety in the wilderness and much more. It's a fun filled day for all.

Special Requests

 The SJCFD also provides training/public education per special requests. These sessions consist of the proper use of fire extinguishers, proper placement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, triage trianing for school bus drivers, courtesy home inspections, assisting local industry in the development of emergency action plans, and the list goes on.

 All of us here at the SJCFD do everything possible to accomodate all requests for public education relating to fire and injury prevention.

 The Fire Prevention Division reviews all new non-residential construction plans, and maintains a close working relationship with the county building department. Plans are reviewed for both new construction and any alterations which change the occupancy or floor plan of the structure.

 San Juan County has recently adopted and enforces both the International Building Code 2003 and the International Fire Code 2003. Fire sprinkler systems must also comply with NFPA 13 and 13R. Fire alarm systems are required to comply with NFPA 72.