Information Technology

The Division Chief of Technology is responsible for the day to day maintenance and upkeep of the departments network, email services, end-user computers, CAD card alerting system, and reporting system.

The technology chief is the NFIRS coordinator for San Juan County Fire Department and is responsible for reviewing all reports before submission to the national database.

The CAD card alerting system works in two ways. The first way is by simple text message to the volunteers phone. The second way is by sending the message to our I am Responding program which then uses standard text or push notification to an app. Either way the firefighters are receiving the first bits of the CAD card which include alarm type and address.

For more information, contact our office at the number below. To submit a ticket for repair, send an email to David Yows.

Quick Tips

Password Resets: When submitting a request for password reset on ERS or IamResponding, please include your full name and district. The system requires an email when sending a request. Please use a valid email as this is where the response and updated password will be sent.